“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Luxton Kitchen is an extension of our wellbeing clinic where we use whole foods and nutrition as a powerful medicine to enable full wellbeing potential and provide nourishment to your body and lifestyle. It makes perfect sense to expand our love for food and provide a series of whole food cooking classes that instil a taste for fresh and wholesome ingredients.

Luxton Kitchen cooking school is a warm environment where we learn and share food and cooking knowledge using locally grown and produced wholesome ingredients, along with small gatherings from our own Luxton Kitchen garden.

Each class will help you gather kitchen skills to set you up on your wellness journey or enhance your cooking skills and whole food knowledge. Be inspired by our knowledgable teachers to incorporate whole foods into your lifestyle.

And of course you will experience great company and a feast of whole food cooking that nourishes both the body and the soul!

At Luxton Kitchen;

  • Learn new kitchen skills for cooking wholesome and healthy meals to begin or enhance your wellness journey
  • Learn about specific nutrients and benefits of different foods and why it is important to incorporate in to your lifestyle
  • Learn how to use foods to help specific health conditions 

What each class provides you;

  • Recipes to inspire your wellness journey 
  • New skills and techniques for simple and quick healthy cooking
  • Taste each meal cooked around our kitchen bench while we discuss the health benefits of each ingredient carefully selected for their health benefits
  • Share and learn with others also passionate about using nourishing foods for optimal wellbeing